Bug#915660: ITP: keyman-keyboardprocessor -- Keyman keyboard processing library
Daniel Glassey
2018-12-05 16:45:15 UTC
Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Daniel Glassey <***@debian.org>

* Package name : keyman-keyboardprocessor
Version : 0.0.0
Upstream Author : SIL International <***@keyman.com>
* URL : http://www.keyman.com
* License : MIT/X
Programming Lang: C, C++
Description : Keyman keyboard processing library

Originally created in 1993 to type Lao on Windows, Keyman is now a free and
open source keyboarding platform which allows anyone to write a keyboard layout
for their language. Keyman is available for many platforms, including Windows,
macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and the web.
Keyboard layouts are defined with a clear and easy to understand keyboard
grammar. Keyman's contextual input model means keyboard layouts can be
intelligent and make it simple to type even the most complex languages.
Keyboard layouts are distributed through an open catalog to all major desktop
and mobile platforms.
The Keyman keyboardprocessor library processes input from input method engines
and applies rules from compiled Keyman 11 or earlier kmx keyboard files.


This is the core cross-platform keyboard processing library of Keyman.
It is used by ibus-keyman, the IBus engine for Keyman, and can be used
by other input method systems.

I will maintain it in the Debian Input Method Team.

It is nearing the end of the alpha phase so I will initially upload it to
experimental until the final changes are made to the API. I'm still hoping
for it to be finished before the freeze.