Bug#915399: ITP: python-pipenv-pipes -- A PipEnv Environment Switcher
Joel Cross
2018-12-03 13:59:43 UTC
Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Joel Cross <joel+***@kazbak.co.uk>

* Package name : python-pipenv-pipes
Version : 0.7.1
Upstream Author : Gui Talarico <***@gmail.com>
* URL : https://github.com/gtalarico/pipenv-pipes/
* License : MIT/Expat
Programming Lang: Python
Description : A Pipenv Environment Switcher

Pipes is a Pipenv companion CLI tool that provides a quick way to jump between
your Pipenv-powered projects.

Its functionality is similar to that provided by virtualenvwrapper, but for
projects using Pipenv.

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