Bug#915579: ITP: xdg-dbus-proxy -- filtering D-Bus proxy
Simon McVittie
2018-12-04 23:56:10 UTC
Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Simon McVittie <***@debian.org>

* Package name : xdg-dbus-proxy
Version : 0.1.0
Upstream Author : Alexander Larsson
* URL : https://github.com/flatpak/xdg-dbus-proxy
* License : LGPL-2.1+
Programming Lang: C with GLib
Description : filtering D-Bus proxy

xdg-dbus-proxy is a filtering proxy for D-Bus connections. It was
originally part of the Flatpak project, but it has been broken out as
a standalone module to facilitate using it in other contexts.

For this proxy to be useful, restricted D-Bus clients must be denied
access to the normal D-Bus socket (for example by using containers or
AppArmor rules), and instead given access to the listening Unix socket
created by the proxy (typically by bind-mounting it into a Linux


Flatpak currently uses a bundled copy of xdg-dbus-proxy 0.1.0 as
a git submodule, but I expect to switch it to use this package when
available. Development versions of WebKitGTK+ apparently use it for
process sandboxing (presumably alongside bubblewrap) or will do so soon.