Bug#915591: ITP: qmath3d -- Useful 3dmaths functions from Qt3d v1.0
(too old to reply)
2018-12-05 05:13:12 UTC
Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Wookey <***@wookware.org>

* Package name : qmath3d
Version : 1.0
Upstream Author : Digia/Philip Schuchardt
* URL : https://github.com/vpicaver/QMath3d
* License : GPL or LGPL
Programming Lang: C++
Description : Useful 3dmaths functions from Qt3d v1.0

Qt3d v1.0 is long-dead, but part of it was useful. This
library collects those math3d functions.

This library is used by cavewhere (ITP:836249), but is independent,
so I've packaged it separately.

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